Why Us

We inspire people and help small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Europe and Latin America transform to become globally competitive and grow, creating value through innovation and operational excellence.

Experience in Innovation and Excellence

Carlos Orozco leads the transformation of companies and organizations worldwide. Throughout his many years of experience, he has developed a transformation approach that focuses on five core areas and adapts to the specific needs of each organization.

Taking a systemic and integrated approach is key


For any transformation to be successful, we have identified five core areas that need to be addresses and managed by leadership.


Transformations often fail because companies only focus on, or even excel, at two or three of these areas, but disregard the others. They also fail because leaders do not understand the criticality of their role in diving a holistic change in all these areas.


We help leaders address all 5 core areas in a systematic and integrated way using best-in-call methodology and tools.

These 5 core areas are:



Existing for the customer

Does the organisation have the customer in mind at all times?

Operational Excellence


Doing things right first time

Do things get done right, or are mistakes often made?



Having happy people

Are the employees who work for the organisation happy?



Best in class practices and technologies

Is the organisation using the most up-to-date, best-in-class practices and technologies?



Deep understanding of markets

Is there a thorough understanding of the market in which the organisation operates?

Our Process



We do a full assessment of your business, keeping in mind the issues you are facing and what you are aiming to achieve



We then identify issues, gaps and challenges that need to be addressed in order to reach your goals, keeping in mind the 5 core areas to drive change in any successful transformation



We design a strategy that cuts across all aspects of your operations, ensuring innovation and operational excellence become core elements of your organization’s DNA and culture



Finally, we provide hands on support to all levels of the organisation throughout the execution to help it run smoothly, accompanying the CEO and/or Board of Directors throughout all stages.

Working hand in hand with Carlos Orozco inspired us, really opened our minds and we realized that we could achieve much more.  This is how we achieved results of which we did not even dare to dream before.   Today, after working with Carlos, I always ask myself: are we really challenging ourselves enough? What am I not seeing that Carlos would see?   Working with Carlos has been a high value transformational milestone, not only for the company, but also for the people who lived through it."

Elbert Yate | COO at Patria Investimentos, Colombia

Execution and results

Our successes and testimonials speak for themselves, but these are just some of the ways we differ from other consultancies.


Hands-on experience

We have on the ground experience managing and running organisations across a vast array of functions


Years of experience

We have more than 34 years of international C-Level leadership and hands-on experience executing successful turnaround, restructuring and growth initiatives


Extensive network and connections

We have an extensive network across Latin America and connections in top universities in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador


Swiss Quality

We deliver everything to an exceptional, Swiss-quality standard

Our Focus On Latin America and Europe

We believe that small and medium enterprises in Latin America and Europe are capable of significantly increasing their productivity to successfully compete internationally and realize their true growth potential.

Through our extensive experience working with businesses globally, we think there is no reason why Latin American and European companies could not be as, or even more, competitive than their top worldwide competitors.

Our founder Carlos Orozco is committed to using his strong technical background, international business experience and network, and the knowledge of the local culture to help companies and leaders develop their full potential, paving the way towards productivity, innovation and growth.  

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