About Us

Our Mission

To inspire leaders to fulfil the transformational potential of their company to become globally competitive and help them grow creating value through innovation and operational excellence.

Our Name



We help companies create ‘new gold’ through our core beliefs, proven approaches, and passion

Our Journey

NOVAURUM was established in 2014 after founder Carlos Orozco became convinced that there is no reason why small and medium enterprises in Latin America and Europe could not be as, or more competitive, than their top competitors worldwide.


Carlos believes that at the heart of successful transformations are inspired leaders who follow a disciplined and systemic approach to the transformation journey and are committed to implementing best-in-class practices and state-of-the-art technologies across their operations. 


He is passionate about helping leaders develop their full potential, and uses his strong technical background, broad international business experience, and the knowledge of the local culture and language to help Latin American and European companies thrive in any environment.


Established 2014

NOVAURUM has been helping small and medium-sized companies in Latin American recognise their potential for growth since 2014


Worked with over 70 organisations

NOVAURUM’s founder Carlos Orozco has worked with over 70 organisations throughout his career, helping to inspire leaders and create innovative transformation


Broad international background

Having lived and worked in Latin America, the US, and Europe and being fluent in Spanish, English, German and Portuguese, Carlos Orozco is the perfect choice to drive international growth

Carlos has the ability to spread his philosophy of excellence and integrity to his team, motivating them to set admirable goals realistically.  He delivers extraordinary results in a very short time, allowing each individual to exploit his own potential to the fullest, as part of an organization.   Working with Carlos makes you think big.  His guide induces you to find your ideal approach and his energy drives you to "play in the big leagues".  My experience with Carlos did not only enriched me professionally, it also gave me a friend."

Johnny Adum | General Manager, Proexpo - Procesadora y Exportadora de Mariscos S.A, Ecuador

About Carlos

Carlos Orozco is the founder, president and CEO of NOVAURUM.

With over 34 years of international experience in technology development, business leadership and organisational transformation, and a passion for economic value creation, he has a deep understanding of the building blocks and processes needed to create the innovation and operational excellence cultures that result in sustainable growth.

Before founding NOVAURUM, Carlos worked at The Dow Chemical Company for 28 years. During this time, he led a broad range of R&D and technical organisations across multiple technology areas, led business units, restructuring processes and M&A integrations, and articulated the vision for and led large-scale New Business Development efforts.

He is passionate about leadership development and about developing organizations with truly empowered people in a results oriented culture.

Our Capabilities

  • CEO coaching
  • Interim CEO
  • Project consulting
  • Company assessment
  • Company strategy
  • Company optimisation
  • Operations and technology
  • Organisational transformations
  • Identifying top leadership talent
  • Strategic positioning and communications
  • Reputation and stakeholder management

Our Values


We act with the utmost integrity and transparency


We profoundly respect every person we interact with


We always act in the best interest of our customers, placing their unique needs at the heart of everything we do


We strive to inspire the incredible people we work with to become better leaders, empowering them to harness their full potential


We are committed to deliver world class quality in everything we do