Business Consulting & Strategy

We inspire and support the leaders and people of small and medium size companies during restructuring processes to become competitive and grow through operational excellence and innovation


Who we are

We are NOVAURUM, a consulting firm started by Carlos Orozco, an internationally experienced leader with a unique combination of strong business and technical expertise.

Carlos Orozco


We focus on helping industrial companies across Latin America and Europe to identify their potential and realise their growth ambitions, by combining powerful strategic thinking with flawless execution, using best in class business practices and applied technologies. We inspire them to become globally competitive.


Our Focus on Latin America


Well set up to help Latin American companies expand into Europe

Well set up to help European companies expand into Latin America

Strong industry networks and connection to top universities in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador.

Hands-on business operations experience and contacts across all of Latin America.

Inspiring small and medium-sized companies to become globally competitive

What We Do


We begin with a full assessment of your business to help unify the vision and make sure all arms of your business are united in their goals


We identify issues, gaps and challenges that need to be addressed, focusing on what you aim to achieve


We develop a strategy and a tailored restructuring solution. We provide visibility on international best practices and standards across all areas of your business.


During its execution, we provide hands on support to help you reach your goals, through high performance standards that deliver outstanding results.


"I had the privilege of working with Carlos in my capacity as director of a business group of which he was CEO.  Carlos is an executive of the highest level, with the capacity and knowledge necessary to transform an organization and with the conviction that any company, with the appropriate talent, can become a world-class company.


During his career Carlos has had to face technical and administrative problems of various kinds and has contacts with international experts in various disciplines, which allows him to identify the appropriate tools to transform an organization."

Pedro Miguel Navas | Director and former CEO Ospinas & Cia

"Carlos is a truly inspiring leader that combines outstanding people skills with phenomenal methodological approach for value creation.


He is unique in his ability to take the knowledge and experience that exist within an organization, polish and refine it until it becomes a shining diamond.  He is a master of asking the right questions and transforming abstract concepts and goals through a methodological and disciplined system to true value creation actions.


Hands down, Carlos is a top tier master of transformational change that can help you make the most of your organization."

Yochai Gafni | President Dow Israel

Helping leadership teams and employees reach their full growth potential

Our Services


Company Health Check

We’ll do more than just kick the tyres. We’ll get to the heart of your business to ensure everything is running as efficiently as it should, undertaking an in-depth assessment of company strategy, business and operations to identify pain points and opportunities.


Project Consulting

We’ll work with the leadership team to solve specific business issues, including optimisation of operations and technology, organisational transformations, selecting, attracting and developing top leadership talent, identifying new business opportunities and more. We provide hands-on support, partnering with world-class experts to incorporate their expertise as required.


CEO Coaching & Sparring Partnerships

Sometimes the right person to run the company just needs a little more guidance.  We offer practical and insightful coaching and advice that is based on years of experience.  If you’re in the process of looking for a new CEO to take the helm, we can also provide an interim CEO to ensure smooth sailing until the right person has been found.


Reputation and Stakeholder Management

Positioning your company, driving your reputation and managing your stakeholders have become very challenging and critical in today’s world. We understand the challenges you are faced with and help you develop and implement integrated communications strategies and plans using the many communications channels and platforms that exist today to reach and engage your stakeholders. Also, if you would like us to speak at your upcoming event, write a paper or be part of an upcoming article, we always love to get involved.


Drive Your Value Growth

Ready to reach the full potential of your company? Get in touch with us now to book your first consultation with us.

Why Us


Unique combination of technical and business expertise

We uniquely combine in-depth expertise and knowledge in technology development with international experience in business leadership, M&A and turnarounds.


Broad transformation experience

For the past 34 years, we have successfully led the transformation of businesses and organizations around the world


Best in class practices

We apply best-in-class business practices and technologies to help businesses reach their untapped potential for improved competitiveness, productivity and profitability


Globally experienced, locally known

Located in Switzerland, we think beyond national standards and limitations to help you achieve global competitiveness